Friday, March 2, 2012

Dating Your Spouse - Date Idea #6 - Visit an Aboretum or Botanical Gardens

As spring starts to show its blossoms this year, it has me more and more anxious to be in the great outdoors.   One of my wife's favorite places to visit in the spring and summer is our local aboretum.  Many cities have either an arboretum or botanical gardens for the public to enjoy.   They are often a great place for a nice leisurely and romantic walk.  So check out your city to see if you have a botanical gardens, and enjoy the warm whether with your wife.   Take a nice stroll, hand in hand, and take some time to learn more about her.   Use this time to learn what is important in her life and treat her like the treasured beauty that she is.

If you try this date, make sure you have adequate time to not be pressured by the clock.  The objective is to learn more about the desires of you wife's heart, not to complete the agenda and check it off.   Forget time, get lost in her eyes again, look her in the eyes and let her know she is still the love of your life.

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