Monday, March 5, 2012

Date Your Spouse - Date Idea #8 - Coffee and a Board Game

Sometimes as the responsibilities of life take over and our lives are predominantly spent trying to make wise decisions and make ends meet it is very easy to forget how to just have plain fun with our spouse.  This date idea will hopefully inspire you to have some lighthearted fun with your wife.

Set aside some time and play a board game with your wife.  Maybe an old favorite you both like.  My wife and I enjoy an occasional game of scrabble together or nertz (a card game).  Or, another variation you could try is working on a puzzle together - this is great because it requires you to work together and you can sit close.

You can do this date at home, but my personal favorite is to go to a coffee shop and setup there.   Enjoy your favorite beverage and a little fun competition with your spouse.   Flirting across the board is completely allowed.  Just remember don't be a poor sport or a poor loser, as that can take this date south very quickly.   Yes, we men sometimes need to tone down the competitor and just enjoy the experience of being with our wife doing something fun.

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