Monday, March 26, 2012

Spend Time Praying Together

Just last night my wife and I had a talk about the challenges in our life. These challenges range from running a small business to finances to planning for another baby in our family soon. It is sometimes amazing at how quickly we can get overwhelmed by life. We can go from marital bliss to the depths of despair in a matter of minutes. Why is this? Well, to quote one of my favorite authors John Elderidge, I will simply say "marriage is opposed" (from John and Stasi's book Love and War). The enemy despises marriage because it is one of the most beautiful pictures on this earth of Christ's relationship to us.

Our marriages are pictures of Christ and His bride the church composed of all believers on this planet. Satan is always prowling about seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. How can we withstand Satan's constant battle he is waging on our marriages. Well, John and Stasi in their book emphasize the importance of praying together. We can pray for each other, we can pray against the enemy, and we can ask God to bring to light areas we are living in fear or are falling victim to Satan's onslaught of lies he is hurling at our marriages.

Prayer is also unifying. Praying with your spouse draws you closer spiritually as you both come before the God that lives in both of your hearts. Just as physical intimacy expresses oneness when we come together with our mate - prayer helps increase our spiritual oneness as we unite and both come before God to see His life manifest in all aspects of our marriage. 

My wife and I have had some of our most wonderful times of physical intimacy after we have worked through a very difficult circumstance through praying together and taking the offensive on the enemy (Satan). Physical intimacy and sex then seem to become the capstone and consummation of a spiritual unity that is deeper than any words can express.

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