Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Favorite Romantic Mountain Getaway #1

As we get geared up for spring, and with spring break currently underway it makes me begin to think about getting away with my wonderful wife in the summer.  In this post I thought I would take some time and give an inside scoop on one of our favorite romantic, mountain getaways we have enjoyed in the past. This is not a high profile resort, but rather a quaint and romantic place that offers a great escape for a first or second honeymoon.

 My wife and I enjoy the quiet seclusion and peacefulness of the mountains. Thus far, we've only visited Colorado and New Mexico, but both offer beautiful mountain vistas and are a great place to retreat from the heat of Texas summers.   In this post I will cover one of our favorite destinations, and I hope to include a few other romantic spots in future posts.

Fowler Cabin - Meeker Park, Colorado

Fowler cabin will always remain an unforgettable place for my wife and I because it is where we spent our honeymoon. We enjoyed a full seven days at this wonderful cabin right after we were married. The cabin is located in Meeker Park, Colorado which is near the Estes Park area and the Rocky Mountain National Park. The cabin is fully furnished and all you need to do is show up. A spacious deck wraps around the cabin and makes a perfect place to relax and watch hummingbirds, squirrels, and chipmunks.  The owner even kept a stash of bird seed to feed the wildlife if you enjoy watching wildlife - and there is certainly plenty of wildlife to enjoy.   Or, if you like to grill that special meal for the love of your life there is a grill ready to use (or at least when we were there).  We thoroughly enjoyed a steak dinner out on the deck during our stay.

A gentle running stream is only a few foot steps away from the cabin. The stream flows into a small pond with a bench near by so you can sit and listen to the peaceful sound of the running water.  My wife fell in love with the place as soon as she got out of the car and saw the pond and heard the stream.  The bench by the pond is a very romantic place to cuddle with your wife and enjoy the sound of the water. This property also boasts an area for playing horseshoes which is nestled in the trees and blanketed with deep green grass. If you walk a little further from the cabin, you can enjoy an open meadow, a great place for an afternoon picnic.  This cabin is a very romantic and secluded place where and you and your wife can enjoy being yourselves with a level of privacy hard to be found elsewhere.

Bench near the horse shoe pit.

Horse shoe pit.

All of this, and so far I haven't even gotten to one of our favorite aspects of this cabin - the jacuzzi around back.  Behind the cabin is a private, secluded jacuzzi hot tub. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this on our honeymoon, but we have since concluded that after nearly 6 years of marriage that we could probably enjoy it even more now. 

Inside, the cabin has two bedrooms, a cozy bathroom, a living area with fireplace, and a small kitchen.   If you want to check this cabin out, you can view a large number of photos the owner has posted here.    The cabin photos above are courtesy of The Fowler Cabin.

If you like shopping, you can take a short drive to Estes Park and enjoy a day trip there perusing the small shops that are there. My wife and I also bought a 7 day pass to the Rockey Mountain National Park and enjoyed several excursions there. Our favorite adventures there included the Emerald Lake hiking trail, the Trail Ridge Road scenic drive, and a horse back trail in the park.  Below you will find a few photos of a few of our favorite spots in the park. These photos are from our own personal photographs.

Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Waterfall seen on hike to Emerald lake.

Mountain view from Trail Ridge Road.

Another view from the tundra on the Trail Ridge Road Scenic drive.

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  1. The place is really stunning. Colorado is a lovely country destination. Nothing like renting a cabin for the honeymoon.