Sunday, May 6, 2012

Date Idea #14 - Plan a Dream Date

As life continually moves on, practicality and responsibility often overshadow and eclipse the dreams we had as a couple when we first got married.   My suggestion this time is to plan a "dream date".

This date will be unique to every couple, as everyone has a different purpose and different journey.  Pick a place that you both can enjoy being yourselves and talk freely and openly.  For my wife and I, this is usually a park or some place outdoors.

Talk about the things you dream about doing together.  Here are some ideas for "dream date" conversation starters: 

What places do you want to go together?
Talk about vacations you'd like to take together, places you both want to see, countries you want to visit.  Remember, be free to dream!  Don't be afraid to fantasize a bit. 

What are your financial dreams?  
Maybe you want a house in the country or to be able to donate to worthy causes. 

Do you have dreams of a ministry together? 
 Maybe there is something God has placed in your hearts to minister to others. 

Are there hobbies you dream of doing together?   
Maybe you want to learn to dance, play tennis, garden, cook you name it.

Dream big don't worry about if your dreams are practical.   Dream together and see your love for each other flourish.

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