Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dating Your Spouse - Date Idea #4 - A Walk Down Memory Lane

As time passes in our marriages, we often seem to lose the spark and giddy feelings we had when we were dating our spouse.  I am glad though that the security of marriage brings a stability and lessens the nervous anxiety we might have had during courtship and dating.  Nonetheless, it sometimes takes a little effort to keep that excitement going that you once had early on in your relationship.

My tip in this post is to setup a date with your spouse and plan to revisit places in your city you were fond of when you were courting.  I did this with my wife a couple of years ago and she still mentions it on occasion.  For example, if there was a particular park that you spent many hours in together revisit it and initiate conversation with your mate by asking her what she remembers about those times you spent together.   You can even visit several places from your courtship if you have time.  Maybe take her to her old neighborhood and go for a walk.   Visit your old college campus if your relationship budded there.   The possibilities are endless, but you must choose places to visit that have memories and significance to both of you.

Not all the stops on your date need be memorable places from your courtship - places that have become memorable after marriage are great also.   Try this date idea and have a great time with your spouse reliving the memorable moments of your relationship and making new memories at the same time.

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