Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dating Your Spouse - Date Idea #3 - The Gourmet Picnic Date

As warmer weather is slowly approaching, I am getting more eager to be outside.  Spending time outdoors with your wife is a great date idea.  My wife and I have spent several dates walking and talking in various parks around our city.   One of my favorite dates is having a picnic in the park.   If you want to take the romantic atmosphere of the picnic date up to the next level, maybe you should consider a gourmet picnic in the park.   I use the term "gourmet" rather loosely, as for most of us gentlemen this would mean anything we put a reasonable amount of effort into making.

If you can find a nice park that has tables and charcoal grills available it will make it easier to pull off a meal of finer cuisine.  Also, most of us gentlemen have better skills with the grill than with the stove in our homes.   This date will take some planning, but it is very doable.  Pick a grill worthy meat - whether it be a steak,  pork chops, or even shish-k-bobs just pick something you both will enjoy.   When I last did this with my wife,  I grilled pork chops at the park and pre-baked potatoes that I baked prior and put in an insulated snack sack.   To round out the meal you can include a tossed salad (for even more convenience you can get a pre-mixed salad at the grocery store).   As a beverage consider something like sparkling grape juice or even ice tea depending on her likes/dislikes.  In addition to the food items,  you might also think about taking a few of your actual dinner plates and glasses (maybe even champaigne flutes - but be aware that many public parks have ordinances about consumption of alcohol).   This might sound strange, but using real plates, glasses, and silverware adds an extra fine touch to the meal to keep that gourmet and romantic feel.   A few other items you won't want to forget are tablecloths or a blanket (red checked is a classic),  silverware, napkins, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, candles, and maybe bug repellant.   Generally,  I would recommend doing this type of date in the evening to take advantage of pleasant temperatures (note I live in Texas where it is often to hot in the middle of the day). To top off the fun you might include a frozen treat like a small container of her favorite ice cream.

The point of this date is to enjoy treating your wife to a nice meal and getting lost in her company.  It also is an adventure that you can embark upon together and overcome any challenges that come up (as they usually do when attempting outdoor fair).   I think the gourmet picnic is a fun and creative way to show your wife that you love her.  There is just something about the outdoors that inspires romance.

If you attempt this date, I'd love to get feedback in the comments about what you and your spouse thought about it.

And since I am a fan of bulletted lists here is a check-list of items to prep for the "gourmet picnic":
  • charcoal
  • lighter fluid
  • matches
  • a grill suitable meat
  • potatoes pre-baked
  • potato trimmings - butter and whatever else you like
  • tossed salad (maybe even dressing)
  • a beverage (ice tea, sparkling grape juice, water, lemonade, you pick)
  • dinner plates
  • silverware
  • glasses, goblets, or champaigne flutes
  • napkins
  • tablecloth or blanket
  • optional - a frozen treat for afterward (remember to pack this well-iced)
  • optional - candles adds a romantic touch even if it isn't dark yet
  • oh and yes ... don't forget to bring your spouse.
I hope that you find this date enjoyable and a great way to connect with your spouse.

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